About Marilyn

Marilyn Coyote – Marilyn has produced and hosted hundreds of parties for celebrities, film stars, directors, producers, and renowned writers and poets. With over two decades of experience, Marilyn brings a unique level of knowledge and training when planning and envisioning your event. Your special occasion will be executed by someone who understands that hospitality is the foundation for any memorable event. In addition to the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley, she has produced events in Los Angeles and New York. You can always trust Marilyn’s aesthetics and menu planning with her experience working in the kitchen at Alice Water’s famed Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café.

Marilyn is on a mission to create beautiful and unforgettable weddings, social parties, and non-profit events. Her expertise comes from experience and knowledge that passion and heart are the foundations for all good things, including your event. Marilyn’s cosmopolitan lifestyle enables her to bring a level of sophistication and aesthetics to her work. In addition, Marilyn has created strong and positive relationships with the best vendors in the Bay Area and beyond, leaving you with no stress and only the best.